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International Efforts

The American Fondouk: An oasis for animals in North Africa

The American Fondouk was founded in the 1920s at the behest of Amy Bend Bishop, an American traveler who became alarmed at the poor condition of the working animals she observed while in Morocco.
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The Animal Disaster Relief Fund: A renewable resource for animals

Since its inception in 1993, the Animal Disaster Relief Fund has served as a kind of emergency response unit, sending money or covering the cost of supplies or staff assistance - often on short notice - to help animal-protection and rescue efforts around the world and here in Massachusetts.
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WSPA: Our International Partner

The World Society for the Protection of Animals, an affiliate of the MSPCA, has brought emergency aid to animals during floods, earthquakes, explosions, famines, oil spills, and wars all over the world and has built up a reputation as a world leader in this field.
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