Veterinary and Adoption Services in Nantucket

Early this fall the MSPCA made the very difficult decision to cease our operations on Nantucket and to find an alternative to the MSPCA providing animal related services on Nantucket.

Three organizations have stepped forward and responded to the need. We are very pleased that animals on the Island will be served by local veterinarians who are continuing to operate the hospital, along with other organizations that will meet the needs of homeless animals and feral cats. I want to introduce those organizations to you and encourage you to support them.

The Offshore Animal Hospital is open on Crooked Lane, and the four veterinarians – Drs. Stephen St. Pierre, Maia Howard, Jennifer Fraker, and Shanna Minior – have over 50 years of combined experience offering high quality veterinary care. Their experienced technical staff will help meet the needs of your pets and the practice will offer a full range of services including preventative medicine, house calls, emergency care, surgery, dental procedures, boarding and grooming. Offshore Animal Hospital will be extending their hours to include evenings and weekends. Please support them to keep 24 hour emergency care on Island. To schedule an appointment, please call 508-228-1491.

Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals (NSHA) is an all-volunteer group of Island residents who will be providing sheltering and adoption services. NSHA will serve the community by housing and caring for lost pets until theyare reunited with their owners and by providing education to the public on the joys and rewards of adopting shelter animals. NSHA is currently applying for non-profit status, but donations are being accepted through the Community Foundation for Nantucket. Checks can be made out to CFNan with NSHA in the memo, and mailed to NSHA at P.O. Box 2844, Nantucket, MA  02584. You may also donate online via their website: Your contribution is tax deductible and will help deserving dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, hamsters, ferrets and more find their forever homes. You can follow them on Facebook for current adoptable pets and news.

Fortunately, feral cats on Nantucket are continuing to be cared for as well. In February 2011, the volunteers who had been running the MSPCA’s Nantucket Cat Rescue program established CATTRAP Nantucket. The mission of CATTRAP is to lower the feral cat population through a humane trap, spay/neuter, return and care program. Sanctuary is provided by CATTRAP to those cats whose release would be inhumane due to their special needs. CATTRAP also socializes kittens and adopts them into caring homes. Volunteers trapped 118 cats in 2011, down from a high of 268 in 2009, indicating that the feral cat population is decreasing. CATTRAP assumes sole financial responsibility for the cats in its care – spay/neuter, immunizations, other veterinary care, food and litter. CATTRAP Nantucket is a subsidiary of CATTRAP, Inc., an all-volunteer non-profit organization. 100% of all donations go directly to cat care. Donations can be sent to CATTRAP, P.O. Box 3225, Nantucket, MA  02584. Emails may be sent to; their Facebook link is

You can read MSPCA-Angell President Carter Luke's letter to the Nantucket community here.