MSPCA-Angell Press Release

MSPCA Seeks Owner of Cat Found Caged, Submerged in Charles River

July 8, 2010


Grandma Moses (above) was rescued after she was found in a nearly completely submerged pet carrier in the Charles River. An X-ray taken at Angell Animal Medical Center (below) shows her stomach filled with air, the large black oval area, that she gulped while presumably gasping for breath.



Non-profit’s Law Enforcement department investigates

UPDATE: The MSPCA is seeking a home for Grandma Moses. Click here for more information.

A kayaker, enjoying a day on the Charles River with his family, made a chilling discovery today along the river’s bank. The Good Samaritan noticed a small portion of a nearly entirely submerged pet carrier thrashing about in the water. As he approached, the kayaker expected to find a trapped wild animal such as a duck or goose in the carrier which appeared to be hung up on a branch a few feet off shore. Instead, he lifted the small pet carrier from the water to discover a full grown domestic breed cat shut inside and barely clinging to life.

The Good Samaritan quickly brought the cat, nicknamed Grandma Moses, to the MSPCA’s Animal Care and Adoption Center in Boston. The MSPCA adoption center’s medical staff provided the required care including a full examination, several hours of heat from a Bair Hugger to raise her core temperature, and food and water. Grandma Moses also received X-rays from the Radiology team at Angell Animal Medical Center to assess if she had aspirated. Radiographs showed that her stomach was full of air that she had gulped while presumably gasping for breath.

“Grandma Moses required immediate medical attention and our medical team, headed by Dr. Cynthia Cox, stabilized her condition,” said Jean Weber, the MSPCA’s director of animal protection. “We are now investigating how Grandma Moses came to be submerged in the Charles River in a pet carrier. We hope that the public can assist us with information to answer the many questions that we have including the whereabouts of her owner.”


 Grandma Moses is examined by the MSPCA's Dr. Cynthia Cox (above) next to the carrier in which she was found. Gandma Moses enjoys a meal at the MSPCA (below) after her harrowing experience.

Members of the community with information regarding Grandma Moses are urged to contact the MSPCA’s Law Enforcement department at (800) 628-5808. All calls are confidential.

Grandma Moses’ case comes as hundreds of cats are surrendered weekly to the MSPCA’s Animal Care and Adoption Centers. As the non-profit seeks new owners for the cats in its care, staff members also wish to remind the public that animals should be properly surrendered through an adoption center or shelter and never abandoned. Abandonment constitutes animal cruelty in Massachusetts and perpetrators may receive a fine of up to $2,500 or five years in prison.

Donations are being accepted for the MSPCA-Angell’s Pet Care Assistance program to help homeless animals, pets from Law Enforcement investigations, and pet owners in need. Click here to donate.