MSPCA-Angell Press Release

Angell Offered Free Eye Exams to Service Dogs

June 7, 2011

Twenty-two Dogs Received Exams in May                        

Boston, Mass., June 7, 2011 – Angell Animal Medical Center’s Ophthalmology Department teamed up with The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists throughout the month of May and provided free eye exams to qualifying service dogs from across the country. This year marked the fourth successful ACVO/Merial National Service Dog Eye Exam event. Dr. Daniel Biros and Dr. Martin Coster, of Angell’s Ophthalmology Service, participated in the program , and provided free eye exams to twenty-two service dogs at the Angell Animal Medical Center.

“Service dogs are pivotal in assisting people throughout the world,” said Dr. Daniel J. Biros, Board-certified Ophthalmologist, Angell Animal Medical Center.  “The free eye exam program has been a rewarding opportunity for Angell Animal Medical Center to give back to these extraordinary animals who do so much for us.”                               

Among the twenty-two dogs treated at Angell Animal Medical Center, ten were seeing-eye or guide dogs, ten were therapy or handicap assistance dogs, and two were public service, search and rescue, or explosives detection dogs.
Eleven of these canines participated in the program in 2010, and the remaining dogs were new applicants.                                          

In order to qualify for the free exams, the dogs must fall under one of the following categories—handicapped assistance dogs, detection dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, or therapy dogs that are Delta Society certified. In addition to these requirements, the dogs must be active “working dogs” and need to be certified by or enrolled in a formal training program or organization.

For more information about Angell’s Ophthalmology service, please visit or call 617-541-5095.
(This program is AVMA and AAHA endorsed.)