Chihuahuas Get Their Wheels!


Chihuahua Puppies Born without Front Legs Are Fitted with Wheeled Carts

METHUEN, June 14, 2011– Three 20-week-old Chihuahuas born without front legs will be custom-fitted for wheeled carts at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm on Wednesday, June 15, three months after being surrendered to the non-profit when their owner passed away. The tiny puppies spent weeks in the MSPCA's Foster Care Program, where the staff determined that the Chihuahuas were adapting to life without front legs, but would be most successful after fitted for specialized carts. Eddie's Wheels, a custom manufacturer of wheeled carts for pets, has precisely measured each of the puppies and will be on hand to oversee the inaugural run for all three puppies.

The puppies have all been adopted to individual homes, so the fitting will also serve as a reunion of sorts for the unusual trio. Two of the dogs have attended regular puppy socialization classes at the MSPCA together, while the third puppy has taken classes independently due to travel distance from the adoption center.

"The MSPCA is proud to have found loving homes that can accommodate the special needs of these resilient and spirited puppies," said Mike Keiley, director of the Noble Family Animal Care & Adoption Center at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. "By matching them with adoptive families and working with Eddie's Wheels, we've been able to ensure that these dogs will have the very best lives possible." Keiley added that the interest in the remarkable pups has grown to an international level, with the posting of a Youtube video on the MSPCA-Angell website that went viral in a matter of days. Video views of the puppies has exceeded 136,000 views, and adoption inquiries continue to the non-profit from as far away as Singapore. Keiley stated, "We are excited that people around the world have been able to see the story of these remarkable pups and hopefully this next stage in their lives will serve as a reminder that with a little love and the right people, dogs with disabilities can live great lives. The MSPCA is proud to have served an important role in getting them to this stage."

The three Chihuahuas are all mobile without the carts, able to hop and jump as needed to live near normal lives, according to their adoptive families. However they expect that the carts will greatly enhance their ability to interact with both humans and other animals, and the learning curve for the dogs to adapt to the carts will be minimal. According to Eddie's Wheels' owner Leslie Grinnell, it takes most dogs only moments to understand the maneuverability of the wheels. Grinnell expects that the Chihuahuas will be "on a roll" in minutes.


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