MSPCA-Angell Press Release

MSPCA Seeks Home for Beagle Puppy Hit by Snow Plow

February 16, 2011

Dino’s adopter sought starting at 1PM Wednesday, February 16

Donations are being accepted for the MSPCA-Boston’s Spike’s Fund to help animals in need like Dino.
Dino, above, is recuperating in foster care with Bryn Conklin, the MSPCA-Boston's foster volunteer and project coordinator. 

Dino, the Beagle puppy who was hit by a snow plow in late January, is recovering from his injuries and applications from potential adopters are being accepted at the MSPCA-Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center starting today at 1pm through 5pm on Friday, February 18th. The MSPCA will interview potential adopters as staff members seek a suitable home for the recuperating puppy.

Applications for Dino’s adoption must be presented to the MSPCA-Boston in person during normal operating hours by 5pm, Friday, February 18th. Please review the adoption checklist to make sure that you bring all of the necessary documentation to accompany your application. The MSPCA is also asking all applicants to submit a short letter stating why their home is the right fit for Dino. The MSPCA-Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center’s hours can be viewed at

“Dino has undergone numerous surgeries since coming into our care and he is recuperating impressively,” said MSPCA-Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center director Amanda Kennedy. “The MSPCA has received dozens of adoption requests to provide a fantastic home for Dino and we want all interested adopters to have the opportunity to tell us why they would like to adopt him. We hope that potential adopters will also consider welcoming one of the hundreds of animals we currently care for into their homes. They all share similar stories of homelessness that brought them into the care of the MSPCA."

Dino was brought to the MSPCA-Angell with extensive injuries after being struck by a snow plow. Veterinarians at Angell Animal Medical Center quickly assessed that he had severe damage throughout his hind quarters that would require several surgeries. Dino’s owners decided to surrender him to the MSPCA-Boston’s Animal Care and Adoption Center due to the extent of the injuries and level of continued care still required to rehabilitate him as he heals.

Over the next several days, surgeons at Angell Animal Medical Center worked tirelessly to close Dino’s open wounds and operate on his hind quarters that had received the majority of the injuries. Surgeons amputated Dino’s tail as well as cleaned and closed lacerations on his hind legs. Dino rested following those surgeries and returned to the operating room to have pins placed to align his fractured tibia and underwent a Femoral Head Ostectomy to remove the fractured femoral head and neck from his left, rear femur to alleviate pain in his hip.

To contact Angell Animal Medical Center with a pet related emergency please call (617) 522-7282. To find out more about Angell Animal Medical Center's Emergency and Critical Care service please visit