Dog Struck by Car and Critically Injured, Now on the Road to Recovery

March 20, 2012

Boston, Mass., March. 20, 2012 – When the front door was accidentally left open last Saturday it was just enough space for four-year-old “Diesel” to dart from the Dorchester house in which he lives with his family.  Diesel, an 8 lb Chihuahua, quickly sped away and within moments was out of sight.  His owners chased after him and their worst fears were confirmed when, upon reaching busy Morrissey Boulevard, they heard a faint yelp when calling his name.  The tiny dog had been struck by a car in a hit-and-run accident and was laying in the road, critically injured.


His owners rushed Diesel to Angell Animal Medical Center where doctors in the Emergency and Critical Care Unit assessed his condition.  Upon arrival Diesel was semi-comatose, seizuring and very close to death.  He was stabilized with anti-seizure and intravenous fluids to treat his shock.  Dr. Megan Davis examined Diesel to uncover the extent of the dog’s injuries and ordered various tests to gather more information on his condition.  Tests revealed that Diesel’s situation was extremely grim.  The accident left Diesel with serious head and eye trauma, multiple fractures to his pelvis and badly bruised lungs.  Doctors kept him comfortable while Dr. Davis and his family mapped out the options his immediate and longer-term care.

 Diesel's eye injury is treated at Angell Animal Medical Center (photo credit: Angell Animal Medical Center)


Said Dr. Davis: “This was a very close call for Diesel.  His owners are lucky to have found him when they did as it’s very likely he may have died at the scene.  Their quick thinking made all the difference and we’re glad to see that he’s on the road to recovery.”


Surgery to Repair Diesel’s Badly Fractured Pelvis

It was clear Diesel would require surgery to repair his badly broken pelvis after his other injuries had been stabilized.  Dr. Sue Casale, a board-certified veterinary surgeon who specializes in both orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, completed the delicate surgery on March 14.  Diesel was wheeled into recovery shortly after and has just gone home to continue his convalescence with his family.


The Road Ahead for Diesel

Diesel is likely to be forever altered by his experience.  It’s difficult at this stage for doctors to forecast how his head trauma will impact his quality of life in the years ahead but many pets with head trauma can do remarkably well with time and live happy, healthy lives.  Diesel has improved steadily every day and shows every indication that he will do well.  For now, he is home with his family where he will continue to recuperate from his pelvic surgery.                                                   


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