Missing Cat Arrives at MSPCA-Angell Having Traveled from Long Island to Boston

September 28, 2012

BOSTON, Sept. 28, 2012 – A microchip is responsible for Pink the cat’s reunion with his Sag Harbor, New York family after he traveled an astounding 140 miles from Long Island to Boston, the MSPCA-Angell announced today.  “Pink” was brought to the MSPCA on Sept. 11 by a good Samaritan who found the hungry black three-year-old feline wandering the streets of Jamaica Plain, Mass.  How he arrived in Boston—after his family discovered he had gone missing in July—remains a mystery to staffers as well as his family.


“If Pink could talk we’re pretty sure he’d have an incredible story to tell,” said MSPCA-Angell Adoption Center staffer Berry Brixie, who called the cat’s owner, Chloe Dirksen of Sag Harbor, New York on Sept. 12 to tell her that the sweet black cat was bunking down at the Jamaica Plain animal shelter.  Said Brixie of discovering just how far Pink had traveled: “It’s amazing that he was basically on the lam all summer long—and we’ll likely never know just how he got up here.”


The MSPCA believes it is impossible that Pink traveled the entire distance on foot, and must have been either driven or otherwise transported to Massachusetts from his home in New York.


A Family Vacation Like No Other

Dirksen, who lives in the picturesque village of Sag Harbor in the Hamptons with her family, brought Pink and her other cat to a friend’s house in July as the family geared up for their annual month-long vacation in Canada.  All was fine until the friend returned home to find a window screen torn free, and Pink gone from the house.  The friend searched desperately for the cat but ultimately had to relay to Chloe that he had gone missing without a trace.  Deeply saddened by the loss of a member of their family, Chloe did her best to comfort her children.


“It was especially hard for my older son, Luke, who at four-and-a-half could understand that Pinkie was missing and had grown convinced that his beloved cat had gone on an ‘adventure’,” she said.  “Luke would regularly tell us how much he missed Pink and longed for him to come home.  And of course we hoped we’d him again, but our optimism began to fade as summer turned to fall.”


No one knows exactly what happened to Pink from when he went missing in July until he was brought to the MSPCA.  What is known, however, is that the journey was likely very hard on him.  He weighed 11 pounds on arrival, five pounds fewer than when his road trip began.  It is a mystery how he could have traveled such a great distance—avoiding predators, foul weather, cars and other hazards—and the fact that he lost roughly a third of his body weight indicates he likely walked at least some of the distance.


Fortunately, because Pink had a microchip—and his owners’ contact information was up to date—Brixie was able to call the family and announce that, improbably, Pink was safe and very much ready to get back home.  “I was absolutely stunned to receive the call from the MSPCA telling me that Pinkie was there and, despite weighing significantly less, was in fine health.  We immediately arranged for him to come back home and we (as well as our dog and other cat) are so happy to have him back with us,” said Dirksen.


Pink continues to (re)settle into his prior routine and is enjoying long days napping on the window sill and, perhaps, dreaming about his excellent adventure.  For more information on the importance of microchipping, readers can click here.




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