MSPCA-Angell Levels Charges in Two Separate Animal Cruelty Cases

January 11, 2013

BOSTON, Jan. 11, 2013– The MSPCA-Angell’s Law Enforcement department announced today it has filed animal cruelty charges in two separate cases.  The first is against Jennifer Kelly of Attleboro, Mass. for failing to provide veterinary care to her Pug-type dog after its belly was slashed while living in the family home.  The second charge is against Oscar Alvarado of Brighton, who admitted to strangling his girlfriend’s dog and causing severe injuries which required emergency treatment at Angell Animal Medical Center.

Dog Slashed, Owner Fails to Provide Veterinary Care
Kelly was arraigned in Attleboro District Court on Dec. 21, 2012 and awaits a pre-trial hearing that will likely take place in January. MSPCA-Angell Law Enforcement Officer Chris Charbonneau first became involved in the case in October after he was contacted by the Attleboro animal control officer, who had taken possession of the dog, named "Jasabelle," the month before when Kelly’s neighbor called him to report that the animal had been badly injured.  The neighbor said that the dog’s belly was slashed and had been wrapped in a dirty bandage.  The animal control officer took the dog to a veterinarian who concluded the animal had been cut from one side of her abdomen to the other and had been left untreated for at least several weeks.

Multiple conversations with Kelly revealed that Jasabelle was slashed in June—but because Kelly would not divulge additional information, further details about the incident remain unclear.  What is certain, however, is that the injured dog suffered without veterinary care—which is a violation of the state’s animal cruelty law. 

Jasabelle is now living at Pug Rescue of New England while she awaits a permanent adoptive home. 

 The dog owned by Jennifer Kelly of Attleboro begins to heal from her stomach gash (credit: MSPCA-Angell)

Dog Strangled, Nearly Drowned in Bath Tub
Alvarado is facing animal cruelty charges after admitting that he was exceedingly rough in bathing his girlfriend’s six-month-old Coton de Tulear in early December 2012.  The dog, named “Luna,” suffered head and eye trauma but survived after it was treated by emergency veterinarians at Angell.  The veterinary team, in realizing Luna’s injuries were deliberately inflicted, reported the case to the MSPCA’s Law Enforcement department.  Officer Charbonneau will officially file the charges against Alvarado early the week of Jan. 14, 2013.

“These dogs suffered very serious injuries and the people responsible must now face the consequences of their actions,” said Officer Charbonneau.  “It’s gratifying to see both cases moving forward and I trust that the courts will take them as seriously as we do, and justice will be served on behalf of these animals.”


The MSPCA-Angell Law Enforcement team works with the organization’s adoption centers, hospital and advocacy experts to investigate animal abuse in Massachusetts.  In 2012 the department investigated over 2,000 animal cruelty complaints around the Commonwealth. 



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