Six-Year-Old Feline “Toby” Arrives at MSPCA-Centerville in Desperate Condition

May 2, 2012

Boston, Mass., May 2, 2012 – When six-year-old tuxedo cat Toby arrived at the MSPCA-Centerville in March the shelter veterinarians were stunned to discover the extent of his illnesses and injuries.  One of Toby’s back legs had been fractured years ago and healed poorly; he had been repeatedly shot with a BB gun (and had numerous pellets lodged in his abdomen); a previously fractured jaw had healed badly; and both of his ears were severely infected and filled with bloody masses of tissue and cancerous polyps.  He also had an abscessed tooth and other injuries, and the adoption center staff believe he may never have been seen by a vet before. 


Despite suffering from these numerous, painful injuries Toby captured the hearts of the entire adoption center staff by purring incessantly, and calmly bearing numerous examinations and procedures.  The MSPCA has already removed his abscessed tooth and treated his ear infections, but Toby will require more procedures to heal completely.

 Toby resting at the MSPCA-Centerville Adoption Center on Cape Cod (Photo credit: MSPCA-Centerville)


Toby’s Long Road to Recovery

The MSPCA is hoping to raise money for its Guardian Angel Fund, which offsets treatment costs for homeless animals that the organization works tirelessly to place into forever homes.  Toby still needs surgery to remove the cancerous polyps in his ears, and to repair his hind leg.  His prognosis is good if these procedures can be done quickly.  Anyone who wishes to make a contribution to help Toby and animals like him can click here to donate to the Guardian Angel Fund.


The MSPCA’s Law Enforcement department has been notified and is currently looking into Toby’s case.  The identity of his previous owner is not being released.


“Words cannot describe our feelings when we discovered the extent of the neglect and abuse Toby had suffered, and we are channeling our feelings into action,” said MSPCA-Centerville Adoption Center Manager Cassie Marischen.  “We are totally committed to raising the money we’ll need to pay for Toby’s follow-up care and if we can do that we will work just as hard to place him in the loving forever home he so deserves.”


The MSPCA’s Cape Cod Adoption Center will keep the public informed of Toby’s treatments and prognosis with future communiques.  For now the organization asks that anyone who is moved by his story to please donate toward his care.



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