Dedham School gives Tzedakah money for animals!
November 4, 2013

Ariella and her new puppy Dani, her BFF.

Each year, children at The Rashi School in Dedham are asked to bring in bags of change from their families that is used for "Tzedakah",  or charitable giving. In Mrs. Sisenwine's second grade class, the students use their coins for Tzedakah math instruction each week. Several times during the year, the class votes on non-profit organizations nominated by students, and the money is donated to charity. In June, Ariella Heffron, daughter of Neal and Susan Heffron, and granddaughter of board of trustees' member Jo-Edith Heffron and her husband Ben, nominated the MSPCA. Several other worthy organizations were nominated, including the One Fund. Ariella is a true animal lover and a great advocate for the MSPCA. When it came time for the class to vote, the MSPCA won, and over $180 was donated on the class' behalf.