two young boys raise money for the MSPCA by selling their old toys
July 23, 2012

Two North Andover brothers, Drew (10) and Adam (7) wanted to sell some of their things to earn enough money to buy a baskbetball hoop.  At first they only had a few items and didn't have a lot of direction.  Their mother, Sally, suggested that they go through all of their things to see what they didn't use anymore, and asked them to donate 20% of whatever they made to a charity of their choice.  They both immediately suggested the MSPCA.  Sally, Drew, and Adam visit the animals (especially the cats) often and the boys love the adoption center.  They were very involved in pricing and arranging the toys for the sale, and in June when the sale was held, they made just over $250.  The boys recently came to Nevins Farm to bring the $50 they promised to donate.

Thanks for thinking of the animals, Drew and Adam, and for donating a portion of your earnings to the MSPCA!