October 17, 2011

When I started working at the adoption center earlier this year, Anna was the first dog that I brought home for a sleepover; it didn’t take long for her to make herself right at home. She hopped up onto my bed, put her head right on my pillow, and as we lied there, nose-to-nose, her paw on my shoulder, I couldn’t imagine that anyone would have abandoned this sweet girl in our parking lot - and I couldn’t bear the thought of bringing her back to work with me in the morning.

My boyfriend and I always knew that we wanted to adopt a dog in the future, but after that sleepover, Anna had already decided that she was going to adopt us. We were more than happy with that. She has been a wonderful companion and friend, and although a “bed hog” at times, we wouldn’t change a thing.

-Abby P.