October 27, 2011

This update came from Babie's foster family before she was adopted permanently:

"Babie is a wonderful dog with a personality to match! She is very attentive, smart and eager to please. She knows basic commands like sit and down. She walks like a pro on a leash, accepts her crate, and is housebroken.

Babie has a moderate energy level. She can play for hours on end, doing zoomies in the backyard or showing off her fetching skills. Her favorite toys are rope toys, nylabones and plushies, but can’t resist the occasional rogue sock. But she will trade any one of those for a spot next to you on the couch. She is extremely affectionate and loves nothing more than to snuggle with her human, and will seek out bellyrubs any chance she gets. Babie is a very dog friendly. She is bonding quickly with her equally energetic foster sister, and takes correction well from her often-times cranky senior foster brother.  She LOVES car rides. She has taken trips to parks and local pet stores, and has greeted strangers and dogs with good manners. She is also very fond of children of all ages. She knows her boundaries and is very respectful and gentle."