October 20, 2011

My boyfriend and I adopted Bosco in the fall of 2009 from the MSPCA in Methuen.  It was love at first sight and he has been amazing ever since! I have always been a dog lover/owner and if you asked me to build the perfect dog, Bosco would be it! He is so smart and affectionate; he befriends everyone he meets and is an outstanding ambassador for his breed.
For the past two years Bosco has come to work with me at a horse stable, where he is loved by everyone - humans and animals. When some of the boarders first learned that Bosco was a Pit Bull, they were a little leery due to what they had heard in the media.  However, in no time Bosco won them all over; in fact, they have all told me stories about hearing someone saying bad things about the breed and they always bring up Bosco and what a great guy he is! He is always there to greet everyone with a wagging tail and a kiss! It's not just the humans who love Bosco. He has made many dog friends of different breeds, and his favorite is his girlfriend, Stella, a Palmoranian. He also has horse friends, with whom he loves to go for walks.
Bosco isn't just a huge hit at work; everyone in the family adores him. He goes to family parties, loves to spend time with his "grandparents", and enjoys swimming with his Lab cousin, Jax. Bosco also knows just how to get our older dog, Skar (an American Stafforshire Terrier and now almost 10 years old!), running around the back yard like a puppy. Bosco's new job at home is playing the role of big brother/ baby-sitter to our French Bulldog puppy Punkin.  He is an amazing role model and beyond tolerant of her puppy antics; he never gets sick of her hanging off his face or biting his legs. However, as playful as Bosco is, by far his favorite thing to do is cuddle. No one at the barn can sit down on the ground without ending up with Bosco in their lap. He is a constant fixture on the couch, and he knows that when one of the alarms go off in the morning that it’s his job to come and cuddle with whoever got to sleep in a little that day.
Bosco has been such a joy to have in our lives, and whether it’s him cheering up a little kid who fell off a pony for the first time, or just going out for a walk with his brother and sister, he is constantly proving the negative reputation of Pit Bulls is wrong. We thank the MSPCA from the bottom of our hearts for rescuing him and his litter mates so that we could have this amazing dog in our lives, and we know that Bosco will continue to change the minds of those who fear Pit Bulls.  We greatly appreciate the MSPCA’s efforts to prove what an amazing and misunderstood breed the Pit Bull is.