Chaneekwa (Unique)
October 21, 2011

I adopted Chaneekwa (formerly Unique, shown here with her new brother Joey) in December of 2009 when she was only 4 months old.  Unique was suffering from mange and malnutrition, and her owners couldn’t afford to treat her condition.  She was brought to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm and immediately put on medication, given a proper diet and lots of love.  All she needed now was a forever home.

I remember the first time I saw Unique at the shelter; she was calm, cool and collected, just patiently sitting in her kennel staring out at me with her one blue eye.  I thought, WOW, she's so well behaved for a puppy!  Then my second thought was, AGH, no puppies!  At the time I had a senior dog at home and worried if bringing a puppy home would up-end his world.  In fact, Jamie had been adopted from Nevins Farm along with his "sister" Jennie back  in 2005, they were both older pets and could not be separated, so we took them home with us.  The joy of having two dogs together in our home for the first time was a delight!  Sadly, Jennie passed away a few years later.  At the time of Jennie's passing Jamie started to howl every night at bedtime and would howl all through the night.

That's when I returned to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm and found Unique, aptly named because of her black coat and one blue eye.  Because our late Jennie was a pit-bull mix I thought I'd begin looking solely at the pit-bull breed as I had loved Jennie's forthright attitude and her endless kisses!  Unique, renamed Chaneekwa, turned out have the same demeanor as Jennie, full of adventure with lots of love to share.  She too is a  big kisser and given the opportunity she will wash you clean from head to toe!  I can recall some of her earliest moments with Jamie when she would out of the blue just walk over to him and lick his ears, boy did he love that!  He would stand there for minutes on end soaking up all the attention she showered on him.  That's when I knew I had made the right choice!  Who says pups and senior dogs can't find love?!

Not only is Chaneekwa loving and sweet, she is also highly intelligent.  She loves a challenge and constantly makes demands on me to keep her sharp and alert!  We do this with on going training sessions were she can really show off her stuff, together we are learning new things all the time!  It is a great outlet for our high energy girl and we are loving it!  Thank you Loretta, an excellent MSPCA dog training volunteer, for helping us!!  MUAH!