October 15, 2011


My Pit Bull’s name is Duke; we adopted him when he was 12 weeks old. We decided to adopt a dog after my boyfriend and I lost our baby. He has been the best addition - he's amazing. Every day he makes us laugh and smile. Not only is he extremely lovable, he is so gentle.  And surprisingly, he rarely ever barks. My 4-year-old stepdaughter and Duke are best friends. They play together constantly, chasing each other in the yard and digging holes together. She runs around the house yelling "Scooby Dukes, where are you?" We let her pick which dog she wanted, and she's constantly saying "I picked the best dog in the entire world!" They sleep together every night that she is at our house. When she's not here, Duke sleeps between me and my husband, and has his own pillow. He will not lie down until he has it.

If he can't get close enough to you by sitting on your lap, he'll climb up on the back of the couch and wrap his body around you. Duke gets so excited to see us when we walk through the door, that it's not only his tail that shakes, but his whole butt! My brother adopted his sister, and she's the same way: so excited to be around people and absolutely loves other dogs.

And we can't forget about his football and bones…he is never without a bone, and even in the car, will not drop it! All Duke wants is to play and be loved.

-Vanessa, Duke's mom