October 30, 2011

We lost our German Shepherd last year, and we were looking for a mate for our Doberman, "Diesel".  I would visit the shelter daily seeking a new friend for Diesel, however, the shelter was always full of Pit Bulls, and only knowing about Pit Bulls from what you read and hear in the media, that was my last choice.  But, as I visited daily, and these wonderful dogs would rub up against the runs to be petted, I started to soften.  Hershey was a clown!  Everyday I saw her, I swear she ran up to the front of the run just to greet me with great enthusiasm!  This went on for about 3 months.  I happened to mention this to my husband who said, "Why don't we adopt her?"  I was still thinking, oh no, a Pitbull and a Doberman??  Sounds like trouble.  Well, I showed my husband a picture of her that night on the website, and the very next day, he and Diesel went to meet Hershey.  Well, the rest is history!  Hershey (renamed Gisele now), is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever had.  As for her and Diesel?  Inseperable!  They absolutely adore each other, share the same bed, toys, even eat out of each others food bowls with NO problem.  I can guarantee our next dog will also be a rescued Pit Bull.  Gisele, aka Hershey, has definitely taught us to go "Beyond the Myth".

Jeanne D-L