Joey Handsome Pants (Broadway Joe)
October 22, 2011

It was a sad day when our pit-bull Jamie died.  I thought that, as hard as it is to be without him, and by no means was I thinking of replacing him, I realized we are a two dog family and I wanted to fill that void and become a two dog household once again.  Chaneekwa proved to me that the pit-bull breed was one I could count on, one that was loyal, trusting and loving - I wanted to make it a pit-bull household.  Without wasting any time I contacted Mike, the Director of the Noble Adoption Center at Nevins Farm, and told him my story.  In the meantime, I made numerous visits to the shelter looking to for a new brother or sister for Chaneekwa.  During that time I was able to meet with lots of caring knowledgeable staff members, trainers and volunteers who made all of our doggie introductions go very smoothly.  They sure do know their stuff!!  After a short while I got the call that Mike found us Joey Handsome Pants (aka Broadway Joe).
Joey Handsome Pants was a 4-month-old pit-bull being fostered by a family whose duty it was to care for him until his injury healed.  Months prior someone had left Joey out in the freezing cold tied to a fence on Rt. 28 with a broken hind leg.  It would be months before he was fully mended and was able to be placed in his forever home.  After Joey was given the green light from his foster family and was brought back to the shelter, I met him and immediately fell in love!

He was a shy boy at first, but that didn't last long with Chaneekwa around, they hit it off big time!  I can remember when the two of them teamed up and thought what great fun it would be to jump from one sofa to the next (yikes!) and then they would suddenly lay down on top of one another to take a nap!  Ah, puppyhood, we've come a long way baby!

Joey Handsome Pants is a happy boy who loves to please, it's just part of his nature.  Like any other dog he likes to be where the action is, even if we’re just  flossing our teeth in the bathroom.  Being a conscientious dog, his appearance is important to him and he insists on having his teeth flossed at the same time I am flossing mine : D .  Chaneekwa, not to be outdone, joins us in the cramped bathroom - all three of us practicing good dental hygiene, needless to say the dentist loves us!

One of Joey's all time favorite things to do is to go for a ride in the car to the pet food store where he can peruse the aisles picking out toys and treats for himself and Chaneekwa, plus this gives him a great opportunity to act as ambassador of his breed by showing off his good manners.  Naturally, the girls at the store are simply gaga over him! Who wouldn't be? Just look at his sweet face!!

When Joey isn't busy promoting his breed he can be found lounging on his favorite hassock curled up next to Chaneekwa reading a good book or hogging the remote (his favorite program is The Dog Whisperer).

Thanks to Mike and staff our home is a happy Pittie home : ).

- Natalie C., mother to Chaneekwa and Joey Handsome Pants