October 31, 2011

Three years ago I was lucky enough to see the posting for Juno on the MSPCA-Nevin’s Farm website the first day it came out.  I paid her a visit that same day and what struck me more than her blocky head and floppy ears was that she was the only dog there sitting quietly and calmly while all the other dogs were barking and carrying on.  At that moment I knew I was a goner and that she’d be coming to live with us.  Like most dogs, she isn’t without her quirks, in her case mostly centering on her fears - the Pergo floor in our kitchen still scares her (although after three years she’s getting a little braver); she acts like you’ve betrayed her every time she gets a bath; and she’ll hold out going to the bathroom for as long as possible if it’s raining.  However, since she’s joined our family she’s been the best of companions, accompanying us everywhere.  Her idea of heaven is running full tilt through the long grass at the farm near our house followed by a swim in the river and 20 minutes of chewing on a tree limb.  She thinks the game of ping pong requires her assistance to capture the ball when it skitters across the garage floor (she’s not so good at bringing the balls back undented, but she tries). 
Despite the literature I read on pit bulls, I was unprepared for the emotional responses I receive from people we come across.  Pit bulls seem to illicit either a love or hate response unlike any other dog I’ve had.  I’ve literally had people back away in mute fear when they see her or when I tell them she’s a pit bull.  Many others will tell you how great the breed is and that they’re the best dog they ever had.  After three wonderful years I can honestly say that I wouldn’t go back on my decision to adopt her and can only hope that she’s changed people’s perceptions of these wonderful dogs.

-Pete M.