Maggie (Gabi)
October 23, 2011

 Maggie the day Lynn met her at the MSPCA
Maggie now, with her dad, Mike

In late 2009, my employer hosted a charity event for our staff, collecting Wish List items for the MSPCA at Nevins Farm.  Once we collected all of the items, me and my co-worker were selected to deliver the supplies.  After finishing unloading our car I said "lets take a quick peek at the puppies".  A quick walk through, and I came across a kennel with about 10 little pups in it.  Some of the pups were running around, some were wrestling and some were resting.  There was one little girl who picked me out!  Yes, she picked ME!  Her name was Gabi and she was just 14 weeks old, a brindle pup.  I immediately asked to take her for a walk.  My friend and I walked around the farm for a few minutes when I texted a picture to my husband and asked "Can I please have her?.”

His instant response was "No - she's a Pit.”  Later my husband and I spoke and I asked him to at least come see just see how sweet she was.  He appeased me with a visit back to the shelter.  He was still hung up on the fact that she was a Pit Bull.  I just kept pushing him that she was a sweet pup and we should get her.  We both knew that it wasn't fully up to us as we had a 9 year old shep/husky/rotti mix named Chloe at home that would have the final say.  After the dog introduction I won and he agreed to adopting her!  We were adding our second shelter rescue to our home!  Gabi's name was changed to Maggie (or sometimes known as Margaret, Miss Maggie, Miss Magnificent and on some days Magzilla!).

Since adopting this pup my husband has gone from one of those people who let the media shape his opinion of this sweet breed, to being an educator of the breed and a proud Pit Bull owner.  Over the last 2 years my husband has researched online, read books and magazines, watched documentaries (including Beyond the Myth), and continues to broaden our knowledge using any media outlet available to him to learn as much about such a misunderstood breed.  My husband is an avid sponsor now; it doesn't matter if he knows you or not - he will talk to you as long as you will listen and tell you all the great things about the breed.  He starts off by telling people, "I get it, I used to be just like you.”
Miss Maggie is an amazing pup!  She is so sweet and loving, great with people, great with other dogs and great with kids.  Thank you for all that you do for Pit Bulls and all the other needy animals yours shelter supports!

-Lynn and Mike