October 19, 2011

When I fostered seven Pit Bull puppies last year, I had no intention of adopting any of them.  Of course, this is what foster moms always say.  They were sweet pups and looked like little pink piglets.  They had a wonderful time tumbling, chewing, and playing tag.  I convinced myself that I loved them equally, although one little boy, Otis, had the most attentive eyes and he seemed thoughtful in a way I found very appealing.  But I was strong and took them all back to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm to be adopted.  But I kept thinking about Otis and his little eyes and periodically I would check to see if he had been adopted.  At the last minute his adoption fell through and I decided to stop torturing myself - I brought him back home that evening!

A year older now, Otis seems to be planning on a career in gymnastics.  Or acrobatics.  He is full of energy and good intentions.  He has a very sweet disposition, never argues with his three canine family members, is always ready for a snuggle, a run, or a leap in the air.  He likes cats, ignores rabbits and parrots, and enjoys playing tag with the horses.  He is ALWAYS in a good mood, doesn't hold grudges, and is game for any adventure.  Otis is a very happy dog.

-Susan, Otis' mom and MSPCA foster parent