October 14, 2011

Our story with Sadie starts when we adopted her from the MSPCA in Methuen in November of 2010. I had separated from my husband and was looking for a companion for my kids. I came across Sadie, and she looked so sad. I think it was the look of "the pit" that scared everyone away. I learned fairly quickly that she was energetic and loveable; she was also housebroken, knew her commands, and was used to being left alone during the day.

I brought her home, and the kids fell in love with her.  Sadie's favorite toy is the tennis ball - she loves to play "ballie." She has a gentle disposition but is very protective of her forever family.

She loves the kids, and is spoiled by them. Sadie is very sad when they leave for school and watches them get on the bus, and is excited when they come walking through the door. She is also a big baby when within the 4 walls of our home.  Sadie sleeps in bed between my husband and I, and loves to snuggle on the couch. She thinks she is a 10-pound Chihuahua!

The first weekend that my husband came to get the kids, he met Sadie and she showered him with kisses. We are since back together and I think it was Sadie that helped us get back what was missing. Our daily routine includes walking together with her at night, and if we don't do it - boy, is she vocal.

It's funny because Sadie has the disposition of a Lab, but the structure of a Pit Bull. She is strong and determined! When it’s time for our guinea pig, Hershey, to have a carrot, guess whose nose is in the fridge looking for her fair share…Sadie!

5:30 am comes quickly when you have Sadie, because she wants you up and there is no negotiating...but I wouldn't trade my four legged 90-pound alarm clock for anything. She is definitely a great addition to the family.

-Marlene, Sadie's mom