October 18, 2011

Sleepy joined our family in July 2011. We lost our beloved Cockapoo, Guinness, in December and had been looking to fill the void in our family. We were convinced we wanted another smaller dog that would be easy to take care of and be good with our two sons.

We had been looking for a while when Meaghan, the supervisor at the Methuen MSPCA, called us and insisted she had found us the perfect dog. Well, she was right! Sleepy had been well taken care of in his previous home but he was getting too big and playful and needed more attention and space. We have a big yard and two energetic sons who give him a run for his money. Sleepy has brought love and humor and a sense of goofiness to our house that was missing after Guinness. He's affectionate, playful, and loving, and always keeps an attentive eye on the boys when playing outside. What a great addition to our family.

-John and Anne Marie