Sophia (Princess)
October 26, 2011

We had two Pit Bull mix dogs, Alpha & Omega.  Unfortunately, on October 25, 2010, Omega passed away and Alphie was heartbroken, without her, as were we.  We contacted the MSPCA in Methuen looking for a female Pit Bull, in hope that it would help heal all of our hearts.  We have owned a number of breeds over the years, but after owning a Pit, we realized what exceptional dogs they are.  We love all dogs, but these dogs are special, in that all they want to do is be with you and please you.  They are extremely sweet. 
We met and adopted a female 14-week-old Pit Bull/ Great Dane puppy who was at the MSPCA as a result of a cruelty seizure.  We have named her Sophia and Alphie is finally happy again.  She is such a good girl and very active.  She was so scared and timid at first, but she has blossomed into the most loving and loyal companion.  Since Alphie was 12 yrs old when we adopted Sophia, we decided our new puppy needed a puppy friend and we later adopted a male Pit Bull/ Jack Russell.  We named him Giovanni or "Gio."  He is "Mr. Personality!"  Alphie is a loving and kind big brother to both and they adore him.  All three come to work with us daily in a home for disabled veterans.  The dogs are so loving and tactile that it is very theraputic for the veterans we serve.  So many times we think of adopting a pet as "saving" the animal, but one might argue it is they who save us.  So thank you for our beautiful family!

-Bernadette and Susan