Abe, adopted 8/17/10
October 8, 2012

"Better known as “Baby Abe”, Abraham has been a part of our family since August 2010. The day we first met Abraham we were en route to the beach when we hit a parking lot of traffic. Impatient, we decided to go to the MSPCA in Methuen instead “just to walk a dog or two”. Abe won us over almost instantly with his good looks and happy go lucky demeanor. However, he sealed the deal when he kissed me through the crate door relentlessly-obviously he loved me! When we asked to walk Abe, they told us he was very friendly but did not read “social cues” well. He had been in a kennel the majority of his short life after being abandoned. They also told us the hardest part of the walk would be getting him to the front door; Abraham always walked with a chain lead because he pulled and chewed the lead as he walked. Still, we remained optimistic and fell in love with him more and more as we walked him. Abe was such a happy dog despite circumstances.

Post walk we were sold on Baby Abe, we loved him and I had already decided he loved us! Our only concern now was the two dogs we had at home already; we have an older rescued boxer and an American bulldog. The dogs went separately to visit and then together, all of which went much better than expected. We took Baby Abe home and made him a part of our family. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made and I can say with full confidence we have no regrets.

We run a gym in Andover where Baby Abe is more or less a celebrity. He comes to work with us everyday, runs wild, plays with his sisters, and is loved by kids and adults alike. Baby Abe is gentle, has a huge heart, loves giving kisses, enjoys a snuggle, and wants to be carried around like a big baby.  Abraham has won over everyone who has given him a chance.

They say everything happens for a reason, and it turns out traffic on the way to the beach led us to Baby Abe. Abraham just needed some love and a few treats along the way. He is a great dog and has made our home a better place."

-Liz and Walter, Abe's adopters