Ada, adopted 2-15-11
October 2, 2012

"Baby (now known as Ada) is doing great.  She is the sweetest girl who just wants to cuddle, play with her big brother Thor (also adopted from MSPCA Boston), or chew on dog toys.


I fell in love with her funny ears and beautiful brown eyes the moment I saw her.  Ada is a pit bull mix and I like to joke that she's mixed with a bunny rabbit - I mean look at those ears!  The first time we met, she just wanted to run between my legs and rub up against me.  She was a little timid and I was told that she was afraid of other dogs.  This was a concern because I have another dog, but when the two dogs were introduced she was clearly enamored.  So we brought her home and it has been nothing but fun ever since.  She loves to snuggle with everyone in the family.  She also loves to play, play, play.  She's a very good girl, especially when there are treats involved.  I take Ada on nice long walks and to off-leash parks where Ada tries desperately to keep up with her big brother who has much longer legs.  Although she can still be a bit shy when she meets new people or dogs, she's the complete opposite at home, where she's decided that she's the boss.  This means that her brother doesn't get to nap nearly as much as he used to.  Not that Ada doesn't enjoy a nice long nap after she's had her fill of playing.  Ada makes us smile and laugh every day.  She's filled a hole in our life we didn't know existed until we got her."

-Sally W., Ada's adopter