Ava, adopted 10-8-10
October 4, 2012

"I wanted to send along our story about Ava, the sweet pit bull girl who we adopted from Nevins Farm!

From the beginning, Ava's calm, caring, friendly and sweet demeanor shone through. We instantly fell in love with her innocent eyes and that adorable little brown spot between her ears. We've always thought pit bulls were such beautiful dogs and knew that they were just devastatingly misunderstood so we had no qualms about adopting a pit bull. In fact, we were surprised by the backlash from people we met when they snarled at the happy puppy at their feet, wagging her tail in eagerness to meet them.

Ava has changed a lot of our friends and family's opinions of pit bulls. So many people have said to us, 'I never knew how sweet pit bulls could be until I met Ava!' Because she is so well behaved, Ava goes to work with me once a week. She loves being in the office! She greets everyone who comes in and makes sure to say hello to all of my officemates before setting in for a nap at my feet or entertaining herself with a bone or a toy. We just love Ava so much and can't imagine our lives without her!"

-Shelly S., Ava's adopter