Ava, adopted 2/11/12
October 31, 2012

"My 11 year old Weimaraner passed and I was heartbroken...this is how I met Ava. I knew I wanted to get another dog and that adopting was the way I wanted to go so I started looking online at shelters. While on the MSPCA of Boston website I stumbled upon a video of this cute little white Pit Bull. She looked so happy and eager to please as she played fetch in the video – I was immediately drawn to Ava. Now I'd not had much experience with the Pit Bull breed, but my neighbor has one and he is the friendliest creature you'd want to meet, so I sent the video link to my mom. After she viewed it she immediately said you need to go meet that dog.
When Ava and I met she immediately wanted to play ball and have her tummy pet - I knew right away that I would be taking her home. Since adopting Ava she's been a breeze to care for and I can honestly say that I've not encountered a more social dog – she's so sweet and just wants to meet and play with any human or dog she meets! Ava really helped me through my grieving process from my prior dog's passing and has made it “home sweet home” again.  I would definitely recommend adopting a Pit Bull – by saving a dog, you will help fill your home with comfort and happiness."

- Bob