Charlie, adopted 2/14/04
October 12, 2012

"Charlie is an excellent dog. His interests include food, squirrels, squirrels as food potentially, sleeping, and riding in the car.  He was born sometime in early 2003, and we consider his birthday to be Feb. 14, because he was adopted from the MSPCA on Valentine's Day.  Charlie was classified as a Pit Bull when we adopted him, but because we have the technology, he was DNA tested.  He turned out to be a mix of many breeds, highlighting one of the many problems with breed-specific legislation.  He considers himself a Pit Bull, though, and urges all who love any kind of dog to fight the fight against BSL.

Charlie holds a high school diploma from Happy Dog, and two advanced degrees from The Pawsitive Dog. When he is not sleeping, he can be found studying for his Canine Good Citizen test."

-Joyce, Charlie's adopter