Chloe, adopted 12/4/11
October 14, 2012

"How can we describe our Pit Bull, Chloe? One of the MSPCA trainers described her as "a lot of dog in a little body."  That's as accurate a characterization as any of our little brindle wonder-dog.  Chloe's love knows no bounds. She is an affectionate little imp who wants nothing more than to be near people or her "sister," black and tan coonhound Abby.  She is quick to learn, endlessly inquisitive, loves to play, and could outlast the energizer bunny, especially when it comes to her favorite pastime, chasing a ball and bringing it back to be thrown again.  While Chloe never seems to tire, she will curl up and sleep contentedly at our feet, in our laps, or with her best friend and big sister Abby.

A typical Chloe she races after one of her balls, whether leaping in the air for an aerobatic catch or chasing down a grounder, she often ends up looking like the character "Pig Pen" from the Charlie Brown cartoon strip as she is literally engulfed by a cloud of dust.  She returns to the house happily panting and automatically flops on the entry floor, just as she was taught, to have her feet wiped. On her own Chloe recently added another step to her post-romp routine: once her feet are wiped she trots down the hallway and heads straight into the bathroom where she pulls aside the shower curtain, hops into the bathtub, and waits patiently for me to come wash her off.  Yes, despite the challenge of keeping up with our very intelligent and busy little Pit Bull, life with Chloe is full of smiles, joy, and a whole lot of sloppy Chloe kisses.  Everyone should be so lucky to have a dog like Chloe to enrich their lives."

- Alison & Jerry, Chloe's adopters