Duke, adopted 11/19/11
October 26, 2012

"Duke - my big, relaxed, goofy, handsome, couch potato-ey and above all, loving, pit bull - is a perfect dog.  Photo updates featuring him are consistently among my most popular, as everyone adores him.  Not only do my family and friends all love him, he returns the feeling.  His favorite command is “kisses”, which he frequently likes to show off, whether I’ve asked him to or not! 
When I first got him, I was a little nervous about the way other people perceive pit bulls.  Would he be well received?  He’s big, strong, and intimidating-looking, with an enormous head.  It turns out that he’s also well behaved, gentle, and totally loveable (with an enormous head).  He wins people over without even trying.   Walking around, he likes to carry a stick, or wear his backpack – just to be helpful.  How could anyone think a dog with a backpack is intimidating?  It turns out that they can’t, and my fears about perception were largely unfounded.  Being a breed ambassador is easy when I have such a terrific dog setting an example.
Duke is an important part of my life, and I consider myself ridiculously lucky to have him."

- Josh, Duke's adopter