Joy, adopted 3/2/11
October 28, 2012


My name is Joy (I changed it from “Joi” when I was adopted) and I’m an 18 month old pit bull mix. Maybe some of you remember me? Since I was one day old, I spent almost ten months growing up at the shelter in Jamaica Plain.  A nice couple fostered me in my early weeks, but I came back to the shelter. I was adopted out when I was old enough, but those folks soon brought me back.  Someone else adopted me, but a week later I was back; a very unhappy start to a life. The people at the MSPCA were so good to me. They assured me that I would get adopted eventually, and became like my family.

It wasn’t the same as having a real family though…no soft couches to lie on, no “road trips”, no wide open places to get my exercise.  As much as I loved it there, I kept hoping for that someone special to come and take me to a new home that had all those things. Well, one day last March, my wish was granted! A couple from Sharon came in. They had lost their beloved dog (a pit-bull/boxer mix) a short while before and were looking for another dog to fill that hole in their lives. For some reason when the man walked by my window, he saw me curled up in a tight little ball, taking a nap. I’ll never know what made him think I’d be a good choice, but he called his wife over and they decided to take me out for a walk. If the truth be told, I took them for a walk, but they didn’t mind a bit. I was so excited…but, would they come back? 

Sure enough, two more times that week they came back in and took me out. They only wanted me, not any of my other kennel-mates! Next thing I knew, they were bringing me in to classes once a week and I impressed the heck out of them (of course I’d been there so long, I already knew all the tricks!) We passed with flying colors and we were on our own from there. I now live on a 40 acre farm with chickens, two cows and a black cat that I actually have grown to like! I have my own couch (which I often share with the man) and I’ve been on car rides for morning coffee, to the drive-thru at the bank (the teller slips me biscuits in the envelope!), to the ocean SO many times, truck rides to get grain for the animals, and I have the biggest yard to run in that you can imagine.  Next door lives two of my best friends, Duke and Louie, that run and play with me in the back field and go with me when my folks take me to the brook in the woods. During the week, my folks take care of their 15 month old grandson who plays with me until I start to give him kisses and then he tells me “No!”.

My family really loves me and I know it because they tell me every day and treat me just like one of the family (except no eating off plates at the table of course!).  I have to admit, it’s pretty sad waiting to be adopted (and I waited a long time!), but I can tell you that it is a wonderful feeling when it finally happens and I am so very grateful that these two people decided to take me home. They love me and I love them. It doesn’t get any better than that – no matter what kind of dog you are!