Jupiter, adopted 2/29/12
October 17, 2012

"I wanted to write the staff a little note sharing how well "JsuJsu" (Jupiter's nickname, pronounced ZhuZhu) is fitting in here in West Newbury.  She is not Comet, our much loved and dearly departed Pit Bull.  It has taken me eight weeks to figure that out and to cut her some slack, but the others in this house seemed to have gotten that message sooner!  However, she is a very funny dog.  She is smart, sweet, incredibly active (beyond measure), somewhat well-behaved, somewhat not, but all of this is a good thing.

She wakes up every day (or should I say she wakes me up every day) and is seemingly grateful to be here.  And, finally, I am grateful that she is here.
My husband, Guy, has been taking her to classes at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm on Wednesday nights.  They both are doing well there.  Not sure who the training is for, but they both need it.  Guy says that the trainers are fabulous and very professional."

- Marla, Jupiter's adopter