Lilo, adopted 3/8/12
October 23, 2012

"We're calling Precious a new name, "Lilo" (fortunately she is less destructive than her namesake!) and feeling like we lucked out.  She's exactly what we were hoping to find.  Our sometimes cranky senior dog is getting more and more comfortable with her presence and she's perfect with him: playful and friendly, but respectful.  She seems to enjoy her walks and I think she's going to be a good adventuring buddy for me, but she's also very calm and quiet in the house.

Lilo has become the most fun dog ever, and has gone on quite a few adventures this summer.  She's attended a horse trial, Miata Day at the Larz Anderson Museum, and camping in the White Mountains.  She still needs to iron out her over-enthusiastic dog greeting before she'll be ready to take the CGC test, but I think she has all the other items nailed.  She's also signed up for an October beginners' tracking clinic with the Tracking Club of MA, so we shall see if that turns out to be her sport of choice or not!"

- Hannah, Lilo's adopter