Lucky, adopted 12/28/11 & Niles, adopted 5/26/12
October 25, 2012

Lucky napping with one of Caroline's sons
Niles napping with one of Caroline's other sons

On December 20th, 2011, Lucky was surrendered to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm.  His assessment was spectacular, and he was adopted just 8 days later.  Sadly, however, Lucky passed away in the spring.  His adopter, Caroline, shares Lucky's story, and how their love of Lucky led them to open their hearts and home to another pit bull, Niles.

"With Lucky, I was out of town on business when the accident happened.  It was horrible coming home to an empty house and my children were devastated.  He was a wonderful dog.  We had finished level one obedience.  He still had some behaviors that needed working on, like jumping up and he was a bit mouthy, but we knew how to handle him.  We had done our research and continued to learn about pit bulls and knew he was a good family dog.
After a period of time, when my kids felt they were ready, we decided we'd open our home to another dog.  I specifically wanted to get another pit bull because I felt so strongly about what good dogs they are.  We found our new dog, Niles, at Lots of Love Cat Rescue, and he is the only dog they've ever rescued (I found him while searching on PetFinder).

We have had Niles since late May and I have also taken him to training classes, which I think is important for the human-dog bond and also to teach the human how to manage the dog.  I guess what a lot of people don't get is that it is a big responsibility to have a dog and you have to put time, effort, and commitment into it, which we are willing to do. 

I consider Lucky a success story - a short one, but a success nonetheless."