Macie, adopted 6-23-12
October 3, 2012


"I adopted my Pit Bull from the MSPCA-Boston Adoption Center in June 2012.  Her name was Faye, which I changed to Macie Grey because of the grey patches on her body.  I already knew a Pit Bull was an excellent breed since I had lived with one for many years, owned by a friend.  We went through the puppy stage together, with her unwavering need to play and run; the adult stage, when we traveled the country and were so close we could almost read each other’s minds; and the senior stage, when she needed to be cared for and was getting slower every year. When they moved away, I became something of a hospice nurse, visiting her daily until cancer finally took her.

Once I decided to adopt, the staff at the MSPCA made everything easy.  They explained all about Macie's known history, her medical state, and gave me a ton of resources for care, training and feeding.  Today, Macie rules the house, sleeps in my bed, and spends a huge amount of time playing with her toys.  Macie and I take walks every day in a park next to the house and try to take at least one car ride every day in my convertible.  Macie loves having the top down, smelling all the passing smells, and getting a treat at almost every stop we make from admirers.  Macie has also learned to run alongside my bicycle, while I struggle to keep up with her.  She loves running, loves her treats, and loves to lounge in bed with her blanket over her.  Macie is more than a pet, she is a friend and family member.  Adopting her was the best thing I ever did for her, and more importantly, for myself."

-Chris, Macie's adopter