Maizy, adopted 9/1/12
October 22, 2012

"Our kids were begging for a puppy!  The day my wife and I saw this 8-week old Pit Bull mix, “Jane,” on the MSPCA website, we had to meet her in person. The website picture was cute, but when we saw her in person, she was even cuter!  We fell in love with her instantly and we took her home that day.  We renamed her Maizy, but kept her middle name as Jane.

Maizy loves the outdoors, especially playing with the blowing leaves and will not be denied any stick or twig to crunch on! Maizy also enjoys her quiet time too.  She’ll take her naps on the kids' laps, curl-up in a ball on her bed, or upside down on her back. And yes, she snores too! 

We are grateful for having Alyssa at the MSPCA introduce us to, and allow us to adopt, Maizy.  Maizy is helping to teach our kids responsibility.  They play, feed, and walk her every day (and even clean up her poop on occasion).  We look forward to watching her grow.  She’s a wonderful puppy and a treasured member of our family!"

-Eric, Maizy's adopter