Martini and Dee, adopted 7/21/12 and 9/15/11
October 21, 2012

"We were so excited to come across Dee in September 2011. Originally wanting a smaller breed, I had my eyes on a Shiba Inu at another shelter but he had been adopted one minute before we arrived to meet him!  So we spent the day looking at the local shelters and finally we met Sweet Dee.  A Pit Bull was not at all what I pictured for our home, but after discussing it, my husband and I could not leave this sweet dog at the shelter.  She is the friendliest dog and even is gentle with our cats and every child she has ever met.  We enjoyed having her so much that we started considering another dog.  Dee loves other dogs so we knew it would be great for her!

I received an email in August 2012 telling us that her sister, Martini, had been surrendered to the shelter.  The timing was perfect so of course we had to meet her.  The sisters have been inseparable ever since.  They absolutely love each other, it's the best adoption story we could have ever imagined!  And I love that we can take them anywhere and they get along with everyone.  They are truly ambassadors for their breed!"

-Tricia and Ian L.