Portia, adopted 9/2/11
October 9, 2012

"I adopted an amazing Pit Bull from Boston in September 2011 named Portia.

First off, Portia is amazing!  Everyone in the family loves her, and she loves them all as well.  She is such a friendly and loving dog.  She loves playing with our other dog, Buddy, but she can also keep herself entertained.  She will play with her toys by herself for hours if we don't stop her to take her for walks.  Portia is so energized, and as much effort as it is to keep her occupied, we love it!  She's been like our own personal trainer; we have all been exercising so much, we've lost so much weight!

Portia did well in her training class at MSPCA in Methuen and she loved her classmates!  She has met so many new people and new dogs and she has been very good thus far.  We brought her to the Pit Bull Awareness events in Methuen last October, and she met other Pit Bulls that she loved playing with, such as Google, who is another alum from Methuen.

Portia loves playing tug-of-war, opening gatorade bottles that are full of treats, playing catch with her stuffed toys, and sleeping on either my bed or in the sun on the first floor of our house.  And boy, she LOVES to cuddle!  Anyone sitting on the couch is fair game to her, she will jump next to anyone and head-first cuddle onto their laps.  Everyone who has met her so far adores her.

She was so timid the first day we adopted her.  We never heard her bark, she just slept on her new bed, and then the third day we had her, she was trying to play with Buddy who was sleeping.  All of a sudden, a very loud bark came out of her!  We all jumped and since then she has been very comfortable in her new home.  We are all so happy she is a part of our family now!  I can't wait to continue her training and try for her good citizenship certificate.

Last fall we took her up the Kanc Highway in NH, where she was hiking with us and enjoying the outdoors.  She found a dog named Jazz, who had been lost for three days!  Portia helped us get him back to safety where he was eventually reunited with his owner.  Without Portia, Mike and I probably wouldn't have noticed Jazz hiding by the trail...

We are all so happy to have Portia in our lives, and we are pretty sure she loves us just as much!"

-Katey (and Mike), Portia's adopters