Rusty, adopted 2/25/12
October 29, 2012

Al, Rusty's adopter, sent us this nice update in March.

"It has been two weeks since your staff recommended Rusty as the perfect dog for us: a trained Pit Bull mix with a great disposition.  It has been one week since he has been home.  If we had received everything we had talked about when describing the "perfect dog" that dog could not have been any better than Rusty.

He is perfectly house trained, a perfect pet in the house, and very good on the leash.  The staff explained to me that all dogs are evaluated prior to being put up for adoption; I send my compliments to that evaluator.  I urge everyone considering adoption to visit the MSPCA at Nevins farm.  If the dogs in residence are half as perfect for you as Rusty is for us, you cannot go wrong.

I have attached some pics of Rusty in his new home. You can see he has assimilated very nicely."