Tasha, adopted 3/18/06
October 13, 2012

Tasha is changing minds one pat at a time.  As the neighborhood pit bill, when Tasha and I go for our walks, she must stop at every person to receive a pat.  But beware if you are on the opposite side of the road - she will compel you over with her doggie eyes and wagging tale until you break down and greet her!  Tasha is the dog who gets pet in the morning by children waiting for their schoolbus, and in the afternoon by the local fisherman casting for fish.  Just the other day an elderly gentlemen was fishing when Tasha approached him. They shared a hearty pat and a smile.  It wasn't until we were leaving that he exclaimed, "Hey, isn't that one of those dogs that bites?"
I replied , "Or is it?"

-Kara, Tasha's adopter