Turk, adopted 11/8/11
October 7, 2012


"It's been almost a year since we found our best friend, and I cannot remember our lives without Turk.  We quickly figured out why the name "Turkey" suited him so well: a goofy personality with the biggest heart, not to mention being 75 pounds and in denial of the fact that he's not a lap dog.  Turk slowly earned new nicknames, including Turkey, Turkey Monster, Turkey Bacon, you name it.  He has brought so much life and love into our house we feel that we have won the jackpot!

Training has been very rewarding.  When we adopted Turk he only knew "sit", but we are now currently working toward CGC and he can walk on the leash with ease, sit on command, come, lie down, and run off leash!  He protects us from the nightly racoon and invites any pup to play, he's a nurse if we are under the weather, and a motivator when we need to be pushed to go a bit further on a walk.

Turk has, without a doubt, been an ambassador to the breed, showing what amazing dogs Pit Bulls can be.  He is gentle with kids, sneaking in kisses and forcing guests to give him belly rubs.  We greets us and visitors at the door with a wagging tail and a happy howl.

Living in such an active dog community, and having countless conversations with other dog owners, we find that the negative stigma about Pit Bulls is slowly fading away.  By adopting these amazing family dogs we can all work together to prove the media wrong!"

-Emmy, Turk's adopter