Tyson, adopted 9/3/12
October 30, 2012

"Before my boyfriend and I found Tyson (then Felix), we had lost our 12 ½ year old Pit Bull, Roc, unexpectedly after a surgery. Roc was our companion and our best friend. We knew that when we were ready, our next dog would without a doubt be another Pit Bull. We were just lucky to have that Pit Bull be Tyson.

We’ve only had Tyson for a short time but he has already brought so much joy and a feeling of completeness to our family. He loves to cuddle and play, and is the biggest goofball who is constantly making us laugh. Tyson loves going on walks to the park and has already made an abundance of friends. Our neighbors, having known Roc, are accepting of Tyson. It was great to have such a positive response from them and not “oh no, another Pit Bull.”

We hope that one day, everyone will be able to see what a great breed Pit Bulls are and not what they are portrayed to be. If you let them, they will steal your heart (and your TV remote)!"

- Nicole and Victor