Beefcake, adopted 2/22/13
October 1, 2013

When I adopted Kingsley (then Beefcake) from Angell, he already had quite a following, one that has only grown over the seven months he has been home.  Kingsley loves people and his big smile and wagging tale have been introduced to hundreds of people over the last half year.  For as much fun as it is for us to meet new friends -- human and canine alike -- it is great to know that people are having a first-hand chance to see what pitties are really like. Misconceptions about the breed have made it more difficult for these dogs to find forever homes and provide the kind of happiness and loyal companionship so many of them are eager to offer. Kingsley and I seem to be a pretty great match, either hiking in the woods of Western Mass or just sitting on the couch watching the B's.  I know that there are a lot more great matches out there waiting to be made!

-    Aaron