Blaze, adopted 2013
October 10, 2013

I stopped by the MSPCA one Sunday to look at a rabbit or cat.  I didn’t think we were ready for a new dog, as our own dog had recently passed away. But, I couldn’t resist saying hi to the dogs.  I was very surprised to see so many great looking bully dogs. There were probably six beautiful pit bulls in the dog habitat.  One after the other I said hi to them.  They were all breaking my heart, all of them so sweet, playful and handsome. The last one I came to was a little orange guy named Blaze.  Where the other dogs had been jumping around and barking, Blaze was laying in the corner, his head on the bars. He looked up at me with the most beautiful golden eyes, I said, “hey dude!” and his tail started going like crazy.  He was trying to lick me through the bars, and then he ran around throwing his toys in the air, and looking at me like “get in here, man!!!!”  I sat on the floor and talked to him for about half an hour.  When someone came to take him for a walk, I called my husband, Mike.  “I think we’re in trouble,” I said.

Mike and I had been looking for a new dog for a while, but with Max as sick as he was, it wasn’t realistic.  I knew it was a little soon, but I wondered when it wouldn’t be too soon to get another wet nose in our lives.  You see, you can’t replace a dog.  You can only invite another irreplaceable dog into your life, and do your best to offer the best home you can.

Blaze is stunningly beautiful, but he is also gentle, sweet and FRESH.  He switches from being a crazy wrestler, to a super play boy, to a snuggle monster.  He is sweet and playful, and he also likes to tease, by play bowing to Beau and then running around the house.  After only a few weeks, I can’t imagine life without him.  He was a natural, from being good all day long, to sleeping like a baby in our room.  We love him very much, and we are very grateful for all the support the staff and volunteers at the MSPCA gave us.  I was blown away by the kindness and care we found, and by the love of the silly dog.  Thanks MSPCA, and a special thanks to our boy Blaze the super dog!

-Mike & Jon