Blue, adopted 5/7/13
October 2, 2013


I always loved dogs ever since I was young. After my dog Jake passed it left a void in my life that I couldn’t fill. I wanted a new dog but the time never seemed right. After I met my girlfriend Daryl and her American Bulldog Abby, that void I had started to fill but something was missing, another piece of the puzzle eluded me. We planned a trip to New Orleans and came across a shelter called Villalobos which rescues pit bulls.  This place truly changed my life. Hurricane Katrina devastated the state leaving many dogs homeless the majority of dogs were Pit bulls.

The Pit bull is a strong dog filled with love and compassion. In the face of diversity they still stand against the odds. I knew this was the dog for me. I then went to Nevin’s Farm MSPCA in Methuen Mass. It didn’t take long to see a little dark Pit bull named Blue playing all by himself with his toys. Instantly I wanted him. I found out a little about Blue, he had been at the shelter for months and not even one person wanted this beautiful, loving dog. Like any animal in a shelter you want to know why they were there. His previous owners didn’t have time for him and were also afraid of him around their newborn child because of his high energy level. But Blue and I were destined to be companions. He not only filled that void but the home is much more alive with Blue here. I couldn’t have wished for a better dog and thanks to all the wonderful people at Nevin’s Farm for helping me find my long lost best friend.

-    Nick