Bosco, adopted 10/27/12
October 28, 2013


     Life is good!  Well now it is.  I am now living in, or should I say “have taken over” my forever home.  I am a two year old Pit Bull.  My skinny, sickly self was at a park with a bunch of rowdy kids, when a well intentioned lady offered them some money to take me out of my miserable existence and bring me to her home.  Unfortunately, I needed a lot more medical help than she could give me and I was getting more emaciated by the day.  The MSPCA law enforcement was called to the scene and evaluated me.  I wasn’t doing that great at all and I knew I needed help. They figured that out too and they took me to the MSPCA’s  Nevins Farms in Methuen. This date will stick in my mind, it was August 22, 2012. I was only 31 lbs, when I was weighed.  Not good for a 2 year old Pit Bull.  I was put on a lot of medications and given real dog food!  I think that was the first time I ever had a good meal.  Not only that, the shelter staff gave me a meal three times a day! I began to feel a bit better. 
     One Sunday while I was in my cage in the back part of the shelter,  I was told I had a visitor!  I couldn’t figure out who would want to come and see me. I was brought out to the adoption area,. Yes the adoption area, this is the good place where guys like me may get a forever home.  I knew I had to act really good and try to look a little better that I actually did ‘cause I  was still really skinny and my bones were sticking out. Frankly, I was a mess.  I remember this day too, it was August 26th.  I saw this lady and she smiled at me and took me outside for a walk and had a talk with me.  She seemed as if she liked me, but I could see her crying a bit.  I wasn’t sure why, maybe because I pulled on my leash too much.  We walked back into the shelter and then she wanted to take some pictures of me.  That made me a little nervous.  As I said, I wasn’t looking too good. I tried my best for the pics, but I knew I wasn’t going to win any beauty contests.  I wasn’t feeling that great at all, but then she turned to me and said that I was a very special dog and that she would come and see me again.  Well, that perked me up a bit, let me tell you!  As  I was being brought back to my cage, I watched her walk out the front door.

     I continued to be served more great food, but then I caught a cold and had to be given more medicine, YUCK!   But I took all my medicine and always ate my food.  I mean, when you never know if you will have a meal, you always eat your food right away.  I am not a foolish dog, at all. But I kept waiting for the lady to come back like she said she would,  and she didn’t come back. I figured she adopted a dog who was better on a leash and not all skin and bones. A dog who was a real looker, you know?  So although I was sad, I just kept taking my medicine and eating my three meals a day.  I went out for walks with the shelter staff and I liked that a lot.  I like the food more, but can you blame me? I was even gaining weight!

     And then it happened, it took me by surprise, the lady came back!  She had a leash with her, a very good sign.  She also had a big car!  As I said, I am no fool, I said good bye to everyone at the shelter, and quickly jumped right into the lady’s car. It was a long ride and I did whine a bit.  But the car finally stopped and I walked into the lady’s home.  I just knew it would be my forever home.  I mean, it had a big green sofa that was just right, a big comfy chair that was perfect, and a big crate with a bed and two bowls!   The lady gave me some good food right away and some water.  I gobbled  and lapped up both up in seconds, then I saw the cat! 

     Hmmm, a cat, I had seen them before and some were okay  and this one seemed friendly.  But cats can trick you and make you think they are friendly and then WHAM, you get swatted in the face with their claw paws. The lady, she told me I could call her Peggy, said that Mao the cat loved Pit Bulls.  Well evidently not this Pit Bull.  He ran off and I didn’t see him for a week!  Slowly he began to meander around my space and we began our friendship.  I think it has worked out well for both of us.  I get to chase him and then he swats me, a win, win!

      I started this whole story off by saying life is good and boy is it ever.  I am now neutered, I weigh 55 pounds,  I am very friendly with my human mom’s friends, I retrieve all kinds of balls in my back yard, I chomp on my chew toys, I eat twice a day, I go on walks, I am learning my manners, I chase the cat, and snooze on the sofa with Peggy, who I know will love me forever and always.  As I said I am no fool, I will love her forever and always too, ‘cause that’s how it works with us Pit Bulls.