Cookie, adopted 5/24/13
October 23, 2013

We weren't looking to adopt a dog. Our pit bull, Petey, had just passed away and we wanted to donate his food to a shelter that deals directly with pit bulls. Through contacts (, it was suggested to us that Nevins Farm would welcome the donation. After dropping off the food we just wanted to see the dogs and Cookie was the last dog we saw. Well it was love at first sight! She is larger than the other pit bulls we've had, but she has the sweetest eyes. After we were introduced to her, Cookie's personality matched her eyes.

We had our other pit bulls since they were pups, so we were a little hesitant about adopting a pit bull. You see, Petey was an ambassador for the breed. His best friends were all the neighbor's dogs and the neighborhood children would always come by to sit & pet him. Cookie has stepped right in to filling that roll. She's not much on energy and walks, but she's a master at cuddling. We now cannot imagine our life without her. Thank you PittieLoveRescue and Nevins Farms for bringing us together.
- The Hoben Family