Diva, adopted 2/6/13
October 31, 2013

Thank you for facilitating my adoption yesterday! I had a WONDERFUL first day in my new home! I spent the day bonding with my new humans. We played and snuggled so much! I have noticed that they keep calling me "Rajah," and when I respond to it, they cheer... so I think that's my new name! So many friendly faces came over just to meet me--it was SO exciting!! After, I was SO tired, I had to take a nice long nap. Since I have a nice comfy couch and a super big bed to sleep on, I think I'm going to use my "dog bed" to store all my new toys. If my humans don't take up too much room, I might let them sleep on my nice big bed too!

Attached are pictures my proud parents took of me adjusting to my new home.

Thanks again for taking care of me, and for introducing me to my new family! Please send my sloppy kisses to all my furry (and non-furry) friends at Nevins Farm. See you soon for training! *tail wag*

xoxo Rajah (aka. Diva)

PS. Nick and Steph say thank you too!